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Gridwall & Accessories

Gridwall is one of the most versatile display options on the market today. Unlike other displays, gridwall can be used on the wall or as a free-standing display. Just about any product can be displayed on gridwall due to the versatile nature of the gridwall.

Gridwall accessories include hooks, shelves, bars and racks. Gridwall is very sturdy and can support the weight of larger merchandise. Small hooks can be used to display smaller accessories, such as jewelry, hats, belts, sunglasses or purses. The possibilities are endless.

Gridwall can also be mounted on the wall for even more space-saving convenience and can be used for clothing as well as electronics, tools, shoes or other bulky items. It enables you to display your promotions high up above your other shelves and racks. This keeps things on eye-level with your customershelping you catch their attention and intrigue them from afar. You can get customers to areas of the store that they may not have otherwise visited resulting in more interest and ultimately more sales.

Use gridwall to create mobile free-standing displays. Gridwall is light-weight and can be moved easily to other areas. You can use them for market stalls, exhibition stands and other special promotions. Gridwall can be taken down, rearranged and reconfigured in minutes. Its simple design makes it one of the most versatile assets in your store. When not in use, gridwall can be easily stored and takes up a minimal space.

Gridwall™ Mesh is a registered trademark

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